Verification Process

TrustSeals Verification Process

Our verification process is fast, efficient, and takes 2-3 business days. We verify every part of your site so that your customers know that your website can be trusted.

When you apply for our TrustSeals, you are asked to provide us with information that we will need to verify to prove you are a legitimate business. Our verification staff will start verifying your contact data and legal standing of your website or business as soon as you submit all necessary documentation.

We assess our client's website security, privacy policy, downloadable application and email practices and verify that it's a legitimate, existing business. A representative will contact you and conduct a verification call.

Based upon our discoveries, we'll issue clients any (or all) of our TrustSeals that will be embedded with the current date and client's domain.

Verification Process Overview

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Verification Time

The time it takes to be completely verified varies, yet is usually around 2-3 business days for clients based within Canada or the US. We provide our TrustSeals services to clients from almost every country, but verification time might take up to 7 business days for international clients.

Clients could display our seals on their site to boost their marketing effectiveness by assuring their clients of their business policies and practices. As visitors click on any of our seals, they'll be presented with a TrustedVerified certificate that includes the business contact data, and a description of each seal.

To learn more about our seals, visit the products & services section on our site.

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