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Whether you are an e-tailer, software vendor, online marketer or a mailer, having a TrustedVerified seal on your site is the shortest path to gaining customers' trust that leads to higher conversion rates.

Our TrustSeals serve four primary markets, including:

E-Tailers / Online Sellers

E-Tailers wishing to assure clients that their data is protected, safe, as well as encrypted utilizing industry-standard technology (security seal).

Software Vendors

Software vendors wishing to allow their potential clients to know that their software application is malware/spyware and virus free (download seal).

Online Marketers

Online marketers and lead generators wishing to improve their conversions by displaying the TrustedVerified seals upon their site (privacy seal).


Mailers wanting to assure their leads that they're CAN-SPAM compliant, as well as that a working unsubscribe link is attached to all email communications sent (no-spam seal).

Customers will be more willing to shop if their safety is ensured. With the amount of unscrupulous Internet business already growing and high, consumers are worried over providing personal data, as well as in particular, details that concern their credit cards. TrustedVerified approved sites will provide consumers the safety assurances they require, greatly raising the likelihood that the consumers will purchase from your business site.

Potential consumers will additionally require assurances that the item data showed on your business site is accurate, as well as that competent after-sales care and support is going to be obtainable to them following their purchase on your website. TrustedVerified is reassuring consumers. You obtain higher profits.

What benefits could a simple, small logo have for your company? To put it simplistically, it could boost the sales performance of your company by over 15 percent. E-commerce experts all will be familiar with the efficacy, as well as power that authority logos place on a consumers trust, and if you join us, you'll no doubt, come to see why.

Data theft, Internet scams, as well as fraud, all has been hot news in the media lately, and if your company is to beat these types of fears, as well as survive within the competitive Internet realm, you must be ready to meet the fears head on.

For all potential customers who'll need to offer credit card details to make their purchase, trust will be a huge factor within the process of making a purchasing determination.

As online attackers and hackers grow more sophisticated with their attacks, the importance of rapid ID of network vulnerabilities is more critical than ever. These types of vulnerabilities provide hackers a doorway to your system, leaving crucial customer and corporate data exposed. The resulting system downtimes are going to translate to massive losses of profits and revenue.

Our services provide visitors the help and transparency to improve visitor confidence within your business and website. To learn more about our seals, visit the products & services section on our site.

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