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Statistics show that 70% of shoppers state they will not purchase from websites that they don't trust. TrustedVerified lets visitors know that your site has been checked by an independent, reputable 3rd party and is safe to do business with.

Business Verified:

Business Verified   Business Verified

In order for a site to be Business Verified, the company has to undergo a complete identification process that includes:

  • Address Verification - The company's address is confirmed via fax or mail, using special verification processes.
  • Email Verification - An email is sent to the company in order to confirm their support email address.
  • Phone Verification - A phone call is placed to confirm the company's phone number.

Privacy Verified:

Privacy Verified   Privacy Verified

For a site to qualify for our Privacy Verified seal, we will evaluate their Privacy Policy in order to assure that they address:

  • Third Party Disclosure – The statement discloses what data the business plan on disclosing to third parties (if any).
  • Private Information Security – The statement tells you what kind of security the business has in place in order to protect you, as well as what they will do with your private data (that is, social security numbers, credit cards, and so on) after the order is placed.
  • Email Use – This statement will refer to what kind of email notifications the business might send you following an order being placed.

Security Verified:

Security Verified   Security Verified

To qualify for your Security Seal, we will verify that the business is utilizing a minimum of 128-bit SSL encryption upon pages in which private data could be entered.

Such information may include, but is not limited to, social security numbers, credit card numbers, loan information, etc. Additionally, we will check, verify and display the site's SSL certificate information, including issuer and expiration date.

Download Verified:

Download Verified   Download Verified

To qualify for our Verified Download Seal, we will verify that downloadable files from the site are checked 100% Virus Free by twenty-five of the globe's top anti-virus providers, as well as that they don't involve any spyware, malware, or any malicious activity.

The Download Verified seal helps increase confidence at the point of download, assuring consumers that the software is trusted. Your customers will feel more secure knowing that you abide by industry best practices.

CAN-SPAM Verified:

CAN-SPAM Verified   CAN-SPAM Verified

To qualify for our CAN-SPAM Seal, we will check that all emails sent from the business are within compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act, as well as that it will include:

  • Verified sender's address.
  • Unsubscribe link which allows subscribers to remove themselves from future unwanted email communication.

Additionally, we check then confirm whether or not the business utilizes a double opt-in device for adding subscribers to the company's email communication.

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