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How does TrustedVerified compare?

PerformerSoft, a leading software distributor, recently conducted an experiment where they tested the effectiveness of TrustedVerified seals versus McAfee® and TRUSTe® (together). They instantly witnessed a 9.3% boost in conversion rate!

McAfee® Secure and TRUSTe®'s seals are amongst the web's most recognized and trustworthy security and privacy seals. While McAfee® focuses on server security, TRUSTe® puts its focus on privacy.

When PerformerSoft, a leading software distributor with thousands of downloads per day, decided to test the effectiveness of our TrustSeals against those of both McAfee® and TRUSTe®'s, they were thrilled to see a 9.3% boost in their landing page's conversion rate!

PerformerSoft Case Study Results

There no question about it - utilizing our useful and recognized TrustSeals will boost your sales conversions. It's particularly a fact for the small Web business owner or the Internet Marketer. Even though Internet shopping continuously grows, studies prove that potential clients are twice as likely to abort their purchases as they will be to follow through, then finish them.

Why this is Common?

Shoppers are concerned of being ripped off by those who might sell them sub-standard items then not refund them or merely vanish with their cash. You can't blame them for not trusting a vendor, as the Internet has lots of low quality goods and possibly thousands of scams. Third party security certificates help you demonstrate that you're a trustworthy business.

Various seal providers deliver different benefits and services. A few will provide a seal to anybody who could prove their company phone number and address. As this type of seal will offer a bit of assurance to visitors, it does not actually reassure them of their biggest concern; gaining value for money, not being ripped off.

By joining TrustedVerified, you assure clients that you are a verified business that has been certified by a reputable 3rd party. That signals your visitors that you're open and proactive concerning your company and you've dedicated yourself to the highest standards of quality and service.

The primary benefits for clients include improved conversion rate, which equals higher ROI (return on investment) and more sales. Our seals boost the marketing effectiveness by ensuring clients of their business policies and practices.

You can apply for our TrustSeals by filling out the form on our contact us page. We'll be happy to provide you with more information and help you grow your online sales.

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